Helping the world be more thoughtful

Our vision is to create the world's largest gifting network. A place where you can mail any of your friends and families gifts of all types. We're here to make you a better son or daughter, mother or father. Your precious moments are our specialty and we would like to be there for you on every occasion.

Our Promise

We keep them

Promise 1

Deliver high quality products and top notch customer service

Promise 2

Make mailing gifts easy with a powerful address system that is secure and private

Promise 3

Help you be a better friend and relative by reminding you about important people & occasions


In the making

Work on Sincerely began in the summer of 2010 when Matt & Bryan started with a very simple idea: a printed postcard is the world's most simple and ubiquitously appreciated gift. With the rise of smartphones, we could allow people to create & send a postcard with their own unique content from anywhere in the world.

This grew into a vision for a world where sending any physical gift was as easy as sending a text message. And a world where a socially connected service could help us be more thoughtful with the people we care about most. Sincerely Inc. was incorporated in the Spring of 2011 and the first product Postagram was launched on April 12th 2011.

Our Products

In a nutshell



Mail postcards from your iPhone or Android device using your photos from your Instagram or your phone.


Ink Cards

Mail one-of-a-kind greeting cards without a trip to the store.